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"I find it fascinating that custom lutherie is largely a cottage industry with artisans working in small shops in their basements, garages or garden sheds creating absolutely amazing instruments that far surpass most manufactured ones. What a great thing to be involved in..."  ~ Tim  [guitar makers forum member on 3-7-2014]

Hand Crafted UkulelesHoward with Baritone Ukulele #10

Ebi Ukuleles is Howard Replogle - hand builder of exceptional ukuleles and other stringed instruments in the Pacific Northwest.

Welcome to my website.

I'm a luthier hobbiest, not a business at all.  I'm a one-person shop and I take my time to make whatever inspires me.  My passion is in the making of the instruments, but I enjoy seeing others enjoy them too.  So I made this website to showcase my work, and to connect with musicians and other luthiers.  I usually have some instruments available for purchase, so If you're shopping, please have a look at my gallery.

I'm currently making less than four instruments per year.  In 2019, I finished five.

This and the other sepia photos on this website by Sue Bednarz.


"Ebi" (èh-bee) is Japanese for 'shrimp.'

Why the name "Ebi?"  Ukuleles are small like shrimp and "Ebi" sounds more fun than "Replogle."


Performing artist and ukulele instructor Daniel Ward demo of Ebi Ukuleles Tenor #16, November 2018:


Singer-songwriter Paul Martin with his Tenor #15

And some background for the song provided by Paul -

"I was watching the 2014 movie “I’ll Be Me” about Glenn Campbell’s struggles with Alzheimer’s and his farewell tour. About half way into the movie, I was so moved to tears I had to pause it. I ended up expressing my feelings by taking pen to paper and this song was the result. It’s hard for me, even today, to recount my thoughts in those few moments filled with emotion without choking up. I often get a similar reaction from people in the audience when performing it.   It was pretty much complete in 30 minutes.   

I used my Ebi ukulele to finish the melody and chord structure as I do now with most new songs. My tenor Ebi is my premier and favorite ukulele!"


 Tenor Ukulele #12

Lead time for orders.

Most instruments take me two to three months to build but there's always something on my bench that will need to be finished before I have room for a new project.   Please use the Contact Tab for inquiries on custom instruments, or the Gallery Tab to see available, ready made instruments.


Pictured here is Tenor Ukulele #12.  See more of it here.







Especially for Students of Lutherie

Due to popular demand, I am now doing some lutherie teaching.  Please see my Instruction page for more information.  [My teaching has been temporarily suspended due to Covid-19]


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Thanks for reading!  - Howard Replogle